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Thank You!

We wish to thank the following people for the images: Fora do Eixo, RL Johnson, Daniele Zedda, Daniele Zedda, John Steven Fernandez, xvire1969, AllansBrain, Sara Cimino, soundman1024, Gagilas, Symic, rolands.lakis, rolands.lakis, Mike, alicjacolon, Michael Sevilla, Meng To, FireArt Studio.

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Regular Updates

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The Story Behind Memorial Day Murph

On June 28, 2005, Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy along with his team found themselves caught under intense fire on a mountainside while on an assigned mission in Afghanistan. Because of their location, communication was disabled and the team of 4 undertook every action possible to fight off the numbers they were against. Nicknamed as "The Protector" for his selfless leadership and courageousness, Lt. Murphy stepped on into the open so he could reach a connection to call for backup. Knowing well of the circumstances, Murphy was wounded along with 2 others on his team which led to their [...]

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