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How To Scale Fran

"How should I best scale 'Fran?'" The Ten Minute Rule Simplistic Guidelines For Efficiently Scaling CrossFit Workouts By Ryan Atkins of Bar Time Weightlifting If you're a CrossFit coach, you've likely heard this question over and over again - “How much weight do I use?” Or, if you've just shown your client the gamut of pull-up or handstand push-up modifications, they respond, “Yeah, but which version do I use?” Astute clients will realize that depending on how they approach the scaling of their workout, they might end up with weights and exercises that are very easy to perform and don't [...]

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Why CrossFit Works

If you haven’t ever read the classic article titled “What Is Fitness” from the October 2002 issue of the CrossFit Journal, we highly recommend you do so. This premise of this post is to break down a small portion of that article for quick overview and understanding. We believe educating our members as much as they are willing to learn is important and therefore, the purpose of this post is to do just that by focusing on the effectiveness of CrossFit training. It’s clear that CrossFit has an evangelizing effect on many of its athletes and rightfully so. However, few [...]

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