The Health Benefits of Fish Oil & Omega-3 Fatty Acids

When it comes to CrossFit and living an active lifestyle the question often comes up sooner or later regarding which supplements, if any, should one be taking. With a plethora of options and information that can easily lead to confusion, there is a good need for at least getting the basics right. This would first include a good multivitamin, and second, some sort of form of fish oil or in the case for this article, omega-3 fatty acid. Why Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are Important The recent rise in popularity of omega-3 fatty acids is primarily due to research based around [...]

Sugar, Grains, and Sugar Substitutes – What You Need To Know

We all know sugar is bad for a multitude of reasons. From brain function, to bone health, to heart and blood health and so on, more and more research is revealing just how bad sugar (particularly sugar substitutes) are for not only the body but also the brain - some even relating it to having similar effects on the mind to that of certain illegal drugs. It's a touchy topic for the skeptical consumer who is watching their grocery budget, however, it is becoming more clear every day that this is something that shouldn't be avoided any longer. When deciding [...]