Step 1:

Contact us to try a free class.

See details under “Getting Started” or contact Ryan for what to expect.

Step 2:

Sign up for a membership.

Crossfit Waukesha Price Structure

Crossfit Waukesha is a Crossfit affiliate.We are here to train and coach you and help you become truly fit.We also want you to enjoy he experience.
Initial Class
Unlimited Training Sessions:
Month to Month
2 Month
3 Month
6 Month
1 Year
Punch Card ( 10 Sessions )
Visitors from Crossfit affiliates:
One Class
One Week Pass
Full Time Students, Military, Police and
Fire Fighters Receive 15% Discounts:
Month to Month
2 Month
3 Month
6 Month
1 Year
12-Class Punch Card , Expiring after Sixty Days
Includes unlimited classes, free nutritional advice, goal setting and discounts to CFW seminars.


W.Y.S.T. ONLY offers monthly packages. To maximize physical and performance results, athletes need consistent training, and W.Y.S.T’s monthly packages guarantee consistent training. The monthly programs include programming and coaching each training session that is specific to each athlete to maximize performance. Every training session is programmed with a specific purpose and coached to help our athletes make the most of their performance training.

1 day/week- $60.00/per month (4 sessions per month at $15.00/per session)
2 days/week – $115/per month (8 sessions per month at $14.38/per session)
*Call W.Y.S.T. about team/group pricing.
*Call W.Y.S.T. about sibling’s discounts.
Note: This is NOT a public gym. Please call or email to set up an appointment for your free trial today.